September 14, 2018

Halloween Costumes for Twins

Photocredit: Mindy Walliser Photography

Now that my twins are six-years old, they have their own ideas about what they would like to dress up as, for Halloween.  BUT – we got in four solid years of dressing them up in matching/coordinating costumes…and what fun and glorious years those were!

Each Halloween season, I enjoy looking back at previous years’ Halloween photos.  I love reminiscing about how little, and cute, and matchy-matchy they were.

This year I decided I’m going to share their costume history with you!

Under 1-Year – Darth Vader and Princess Leia

Darth Vader and Princess Leia Twins

Omg, these costumes were hilarious!  I don’t know why I thought these were so cute at the time.  Now I see that they were a little ridiculous (but still cute, right?)

In case you are wondering, or wanting to search for something similar, I bought these online from one of those Halloween costume websites (sorry, for the life of me, I can’t remember which one…that time in our lives was a bit of a fog).

What I loved about these little costumes was I could bundle them up underneath the costumes (including putting toques on their heads).

I embellished them with some little Build-A-Bear toy light sabres that made sounds and were the perfect size for their little hands!  If you have a baby you want to accessorize for Halloween, I highly recommend hitting up this store!

1-Year Old – Doctor and Nurse

Doctor and Nurse Twins

These costumes have been amongst my absolute FAVOURITE!  I loved them so much…I think I even kept them in their keepsake boxes because, honestly, aren’t they hilarious an so adorable???

These were a totally random find from Winners.

2-Years Old – Garden Gnomes

Garden Gnome Twins

Aren’t these funny little things???  The best part of these costumes is we already had all of the clothing on hand!  The pants, plaid shirt, dress, tights and shoes were already in the kids’ closets.

I don’t have much for sewing skills so, I enlisted a Farmers’ Market Vendor that I came across, selling sewed items, to make the felt hats, beard, and the little apron (which we used for baking once Halloween had passed).

3-Years Old – Matching Unicorn and Dinosaur

Unicorn and Dinosaur Twins

  Photocredit: Mindy Walliser Photography


Unicorn and Dinosaur Twins

Alas, this was the last year we coordinated the twins for Halloween…sad day!

We accidentally came across these unique costumes at Target while we were on a family vacation in the United States.

They were REALLY reasonably priced (I want to say under $20/each??) and I loved that they were different from what we had seen around Calgary at that time.  I also loved that the kids could still get all bundled up without losing any of the integrity of the costumes…because, well…Canada.  It always seems to be freezing at Halloween in Calgary, especially once the sun has gone down.



Maybe one of these years, if I’m lucky, I’ll convince the kids to coordinate their costumes again. Actually, better yet, wouldn’t it be so great if our family coordinated themed costumes?  Maybe I’ll see if I can get everyone on that train one year!

Suggestions anyone??

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