August 29, 2018

How Telemedicine Can Help Busy Parents Get Healthy

Do any other parents feel like getting (and staying) healthy is a huge challenge since having kids?  I know I can’t be the only one (please don’t leave me hanging, here, friends!).

Parenting is hard and takes up A LOT of time!  Between running kids to school and activities, working, volunteering, helping with homework, chauffeuring to birthday parties, household management, etcetera, most of us barely have time (or energy) for anything else!

I totally get it!

Does anyone else have kids who seem take over their lifestyle, both literally AND figuratively?

I recently learned about ‘telemedicine’ and how it can be used to help achieve a healthier lifestyle AND in a way that I think fits a parent’s busy lifestyles really well.

Can it be used to help lose weight?  Yes! But, don’t worry; this isn’t some sort of a fad.

Let’s talk about what telemedicine is and why I think it sounds great!

What is telemedicine?

Sometimes referred to as ehealth, telemedicine is simply a combination of using technology (such as Fitbits, mobile phones, and digital scales) to remotely monitor habits and health while, at the same time, providing specialized online coaching from specialists that work in areas such as nutrition, psychology, fitness, kinesiology, and nursing.

That’s it!

Essentially, your health and habits are monitored, a plan is put in place, and you get totally personalized online support.  This can be on the phone, via text messaging, or even teleconference…whatever suits your time and space.

What I love about telemedicine:

It fits a parent’s busy, and often changing, lifestyle!

Telemedicine offers solutions for everything that I typically struggle with when I’m trying to achieve better health:

  • Finding time (because my days always look different!)
  • Prioritizing that time
  • Making the right food choices
  • Having accountability

I have found myself having the best success when I have set up a structured program that is measurable AND covers all of my weak points (Hello?  Accountability?  Are you there?).

How can you find out more?

Your first stop should be the Zero Excuse Go website since they are the first, and currently only, company in Canada offering remote patient monitoring to help people lose weight (especially if you are looking to lose 40lbs or more).

You might also be interested in checking out this short video featuring a Zero Excuse Go client’s story. He had great success and recently lost 125lbs in less than a year while participating in their program:

And, finally, please feel free to join their free, and private, Facebook group by clicking here!

I think this program sounds great and, like a recipe for success!

Do you have questions or comments?  As always, feel free to post them below – I love to hear from you!

This post is sponsored by Zero Excuse Go, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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