September 30, 2018

Would you like school photos of your twins together?

A long time ago, well before my twins started school, I learned that some schools photograph twins, together, as part of their school photo set up.

At that time, I was surprised (I have never even considered that!)…But I was definitely pleasantly surprised!  I mean, I just thought that sounded so great!

Fast forward to when my twins were in pre-school and school photo time arrived.  I had completely forgotten about this little tidbit, yet, was blown away when I saw the pictures of my twins together in the proofs.

Photocredit: Jessica Jacques Photography



Oh!  This photo just makes my heart sing!  They did a wonderful job, didn’t they?

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So, fast-forward to now. It’s school photo time and I was REALLY hoping to get school pictures done of the kids’ together. I have really been quite happy with the school photos, from our school, so I made the request.

The bad news, here, is my request was denied.  Cry!  I guess the admin at our school doesn’t love the idea of sibling photos as much as I do.

That’s okay.  I get it.  It’s a busy day for the teachers, and the school, and catching sibling photos might not be a priority.  I’m sad, and disappointed but there is a positive here!

In my effort to see if I could get our admin to reconsider, I polled around to the other twin families in our twin community, to see how their schools manage to accommodate sibling photos.  I learned some great tips and thought I would share them here, in the event you might like sibling photos, and your school is onside, but their hesitation is that they just aren’t if they can swing it.

Start by Making a Request to your Teacher

If you have a flexible teacher, who doesn’t feel overwhelmed, perhaps they will entertain your request.  If your twins are in the same class, this should be pretty simple.  If not, perhaps one twin could be photographed last, in their class, and the other twin can get photographed first in their class.  This would keep the kid-running to a minimum.

Offer to volunteer and help at your school on picture day.

Having an extra set of hands to help organize kids might be that little extra bit of help that allows your school to manage the extra work that photographing twins and/or siblings might require.

Suggest sibling photos be taken during recess and/or lunch hour.

Recess, and lunch hour, may be down time for the school’s photography process.  This could be the perfect time to try to get in those ‘bonus photos’.

Present Re-take Day as an option for families to have an opportunity to have sibling photos taken.

Re-take day has a much lower volume of kids being photographed and this might be an easier day for the school and teachers to manage.

Recommend a combination of the above.

Perhaps a combination of the above might be what it takes


Hopefully you have better luck than me and have a school that does sibling photos already…OR…is open to the suggestion of it.  I’m not suggesting that you get ‘twin-only privileges (although, I’m under the impression that some schools do just do one-off’s…or perhaps it’s the photography companies that initiate it?)

Regardless, good luck on your quest!  If you have any tips that I have missed, please go ahead and add them to the comments below!

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